Sunday, January 11, 2009

LG Prada

Key Features
3 Inch TFT 256k Touch Screen
2 Megapixel Camera with Schneider Kreuznach Lens
Bluetooth® & EDGE Technology
98.8 x 54 x 12 mm
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Music Player & FM Radio

The LG Prada cell phone is a dazzling mobile phone featuring a touch screen display system. It's Prada-branded and debatably the best looking mobile phone currently obtainable in the market place. It also features a collection of gadgets including a mobile phone camera, music player and a built-in FM radio. Different LG's other fashion mobile phones, the Prada mobile phone pulls it off it looks very cool and it's sensible mobile set too.

Well, LG Prada cell phone have been approaching fashion mobile phones in a big way in the previous year, but now by teaming up with Prada cell phone, they have formed their most fashionable mobile phone yet. Wait, it's perhaps the most fashionable cell phone yet. It's so cool mobile set it's not even permitted to have the LG logo on it, but is Prada-branded. LG Prada details Yes, it is the LG Prada cellphone, or to give it its appropriate title, the PRADA cell phone by LG Company. The Prada mobile phone is the personification of minimalist chic, with its gloss-black finish, slim size and um, hangs on, no numeric pad. Yes, this is a sensitive touch screen mobile phone, with buttons mentioned on the screen of mobile phone. These are not like the touch so sensitive buttons used in the LG Chocolate mobile set, but in fact appear on the liquid crystal display mobile screen and change according to the current menu purpose. There are 2 real buttons just below the screen for send and return, so you can at smallest amount switch the cell phone on and off without any trouble. There are also side buttons for scheming volume of the music, the mobile phone camera and classical music player. There is a choice of mobile themes, but the default is jet black and stylish white, who suits the look of the mobile phone very well. When not in utilize, the mobile phone screen virtually disappears from mobile user view, just like the Chocolate mobile set. The LG Prada cellphone has some particularly designed ringtones also, which forthrightly we found irritating, particularly the ones called "Noise" and "Man". You can easily listen to these on the PRADA mobile phone official website. Buy LG Prada and take pleasure in its LG Prada ringtones, LG Prada themes and LG Prada games.

The LG Prada mobile phone has no stylus so you have to utilize your hand fingers to press the mobile screen touch system buttons. The touch screen buttons are quite small, so you will find it easier to utilize if you have little fingers. So, this mobile phone may be improved suited to females. However, if you have extremely long nails you may have some difficulty. The LG Prada mobile phone menu arrangement is really very intuitive, and once you have got used to imperative the screen, you will find it receptive and easy to use. Texting is done via the effective numeric keypad, which supports T9 predictive text. This is almost certainly the mobile hardest thing to get used to. If you send a lot of text messages, you should think actually hard before selecting the Cheap LG Prada. On balance, the mobile phone touch screen boundary is OK. Some may find it annoying; others not. In any case, sometimes you have got to experience a little to look good. One other thing to point out is that the computer screen and black casing will get covered in fingerprints very speedily. Prada mobile phone has considerately provided a branded LCD cleaner system, so you can look stylish even whilst cleaning your cellphone. There is also an elite class leather case, but why hide away incredible this pretty!

Usually when a Cheap LG Prada looks this first-class, the other functions tend to let it down. But with the Prada mobile phone, it does not just look very nice; it does all the tech stuff too. Nice to know when you are spending four hundred Euros on a cell phone! We are going to rush this bit, because the tech material is almost certainly not what most Cheap LG Prada mobile phone users need to know. Here we goes: two Megapixel mobile phone camera with flash - not the best ever, but good enough for snapping friends in eating places; music player technology; FM radio system; electronic mail; MicroSD memory card; Bluetooth and USB connectivity; EDGE data transfer. Mobile phone battery life is a little less than average.

In end, the LG Prada mobile phone fulfils its responsibility as a high-fashion accessory for those with sufficient disposable income to distance themselves from the Chav crowd. It does all you did want, it is very tool but without being nerdy, and it most likely would not annoy you too much with its touch screen unless you are very annoyed. In which case, you almost certainly did not read to the end of this review anyway. The new LG Viewty is not Prada branded mobile phone, but incorporates a fives Megapixel mobile phone camera and other improvements. LG Prada sale is very high just because of its LG Prada accessories.

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