Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 2600 Classic Review

Key Features
10 Mbytes Memory
Xpress On™ Coloured Cover
Bluetooth® Technology
VGA Camera
FM Radio
580 Hours Standby

The Nokia 2600 Classic is available in a classic and trendy style with a candy bar shaped casing which is easy to hold & simple to operate. The Nokia 2600 cell phone is available with helpful every day features which lets the user to communicate with others easily. This trendy & compact handset is available with fun Xpress on™ coloured covers which permits the user to express their special taste by changing the colour of their phones casing. The Nokia 2600 cellphone is from the similar Nokia family as the Nokia 2610 but each phone has its own exclusive style & different preinstalled features. The general size of the Nokia 2600 Classic is compact which makes it an ideal travelling companion. It is 12mm deep, 46.7mm wide and 109.6mm tall which fits in the users hand completely. The phone is available with an obvious colour screen & a simple but user friendly keypad having a navigation key. The user can enjoy a clock screensaver or the user has the rights to add their own choosed screensaver to suit their mode. Let’s get to know some Nokia 2600 details.

The user can enjoy different Nokia 2600 softwares. The 2600 Classic is available with a VGA camera feature which supports capturing still pictures in addition to moving video recording. The user can capture all those fun & exciting parts of their day which can be stored on the phones memory storage, transferable to other compatible phones or shared with others with the prefixed messaging services. This classic designed phone also available with a preinstalled FM radio facility which permits the user to enjoy a mobile radio experience whenever the user wishes to listen to the latest music, radio chat shows or news reports. The user can enjoy Nokia 2600 games which are preinstalled when he feels to have a little entertainment. A preloaded handsfree speaker phone feature lets the user to make a call using the phones loud speaker system rather than holding the headset in the hand, the user can put the handset down on the table & experience a handsfree call. The Nokia 2600 accessories include charger, connection cable and others. The Nokia 2600 review is available on different sites

User can try different Nokia 2600 applications. The Nokia 2600 themes put the user in the mood and make the season bright. The Nokia 2600 is available with easy to use & speedy access messaging features which lets the user to communicate with others without taking a call. The messaging services include an audio messaging service which permits the user to send sound via message or a mobile email service which lets the user to send & receive emails on mobile phone. The user can share a text message with any other SMS compatible contact which is a fast way to communicate when it is not possible to make a call. The multimedia messaging service lets the user to share their pictures with others easily as the MMS message can have a picture with sound & text. The Nokia 2600 mobile phone is available with a prefixed organizer feature which can be viewed by weekly or monthly view which lets the user to view their appointments in an easy way. A preloaded converter can change many formats like temperature, Inches & metric. The Nokia 2600 ringtone type is MP3 which the user can change according to their mode.

The prefixed battery gives up to 8 hours of talk time or about 580 hours of standby time from a completely charged battery. The Nokia 2600 Classic works with dual band technology and can works over GSM 900 & 1800. It is available with a prefixed WAP 2.0 XHTML Web browser & the users have the facility to connect to other devices using a Bluetooth® wireless connection. The Bluetooth® technology provides the user the liberty to move files & data using no cables which can be connected to any other Bluetooth® compatible phone or device within ten meters. The phone is available with 10 megabytes of built in storage which permits the user to store their messages & pictures easily. You can buy Nokia 2600 by going online. Best Nokia 2600 buy deals are available on the web. If you are concerned in getting cheap Nokia 2600, it will be good for you to spend a little time and make some online search. User can compare Nokia 2600 sale by searching different websites.

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