Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 8600 Luna Prism Review

Key Features
Quad Band Technology (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
Bluetooth™ Technology
2 Inch TFT QVGA 16.7 Million Colour Screen (320 x 240 Pixel)
2 Megapixel Camera with 4 x Digital Zoom
FM Radio
128 Mbytes Memory

The Nokia 8600 Luna is a cool mobile phone which is available with high class features. This trendy handset is designed with attention to detail which provides it the head turning affect if deserves. With a stainless steel body the Nokia 8600 cell phone is available with smooth lines & edges which make the 8600 Luna extremely good-looking. The Nokia 8600 mobile phone has a slide opening casing which lets the user to slide open the smoked glass cover to reveal a shiny & smart keypad. The smoked glass cover protects the keypad located on the front side and the camera lens on the back of the handset. The Nokia 8600 Luna is an eye-catching handset which is also identified as black beauty due to its different black glossy casing & striking keypad cover which permits the keypad to glow under the smoked glass cover. The phone is available with a 2 Inch colour screen which has the ability to display up to 16.7 million colours on a QVGA thin film transistor screen also known as TFT. The screen gives the user with an obvious & colourful display on this stylish handset which focuses on its imaging & media features. The handset is slim & easy to handle with an overall measure of 107mm in height, 45mm in width and 15.9mm deep. The Nokia 8600 Luna weights one hundred and forty grams including the battery which feels good to hold & operate in a single hand. User can read Nokia 8600 review by going online.

The 8600 Luna is available with a well sheltered camera lens which is located under the smoked glass cover. The Nokia 8600 cellphone is available with a 2 mega pixel camera with a 4 x zoom feature. The camera feature gives the user with the tool to take still snaps or video footage. The user can choose a landscape mode to make sure the best capture or recording is made for those wider shots. The video functions are easy to use & permits the user to get the most excellent from their mobile phone which include video playback & video streaming features. The user can edit their pictures & video recording to make sure that they get the ideal finish each & every time. The Nokia 8600 Luna is available with 128 Mbytes of preloaded memory which allow the user to store their pictures and video recording. Different accessories are available in Nokia 8600 sale packages if the user wants to purchase it. User can buy Nokia 8600 accessories online by comparing prices from different websites.

Nokia 8600 details are available on the internet if the user wishes to know about it in detail. The mobile phone is available with a preloaded Internet browser which gives the user with XHTML over TCP/IP web browsing. The user can play all their preferred tunes on the preinstalled music player which will play a lot of music formats like AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, MIDI, AMR & WMA. The phone supports an extensive variety of ring tones which include 64 voice polyphonic sounds, MIDI, 3D stereo sound & video ringing tones. The user can download Nokia 8600 ringtones by searching the net. The phone supports the air downloads which permits the user to download Nokia 8600 themes, ringing tones, music files, wallpapers & much more easily. The user can tune into their favorite FM radio station & listen to their favorite style of music using the integrated FM radio feature. The phone call features are always essential to the mobile phone user, which include many easy to use shortcut call features. The phone is available with a call log which permits the user to access a list of missed calls, calls made & calls received. The Nokia 8600 is available with a speed dialing choice, any key answer feature & an automatic redial option. The phone allows the user to make a call over the loud speaker by using the phone's handsfree speaker facility. The user can use the SIND feature which permits the user to make active calls using the speaker free number dialing feature. The phone is available full with voice features which include a voice recorder & voice commands feature.

The phone is available with a flight mode feature which will restrict the user to use the call features in restricted mobile phone areas such as in a hospital or on a flight. The phone will turn off all broadcast related functions to make sure the Nokia 8600 Luna does not disturb any of the sensitive tools in such areas. The preinstalled Nokia 8600 games gives the user with fast moving entertainment set & waiting to create a challenge. The games include high roller casino, golf tour & 3D soccer. The user can chat with others using the SMS messaging service which include text messaging full with a predictive text facility which cover almost all the European languages. The multimedia messaging service (MMS) permits the user to send & receive messages full with text & sound with either a picture or video to any MMS compatible contact. The Nokia 8600 Luna supports Nokia audio messaging which permits the user to send a voice recording using the multimedia message service (MMS). The user can enjoy phones mobile email service that works over SMTP, POP3 & IMAP4 which permits the user to enjoy a complete email experience with email attachments. User can download Nokia 8600 softwares from the web.

User can search different Nokia 8600 applications by going online. The Bluetooth™ connection or cabled connection enable user to connect their 8600 Luna with different compatible devices like PC, laptop or printer , download data or to print photos. The phones battery will give up to two hundred and forty hours of standby battery time from a complete charge or about 3.7 hours of talk time. The Nokia 8600 Luna start up kit is equipped with all the essential tools like charger, headset, USB cable, leather pouch, neck strap, guide for user & software CD includes Nokia PC Suite software version 6.83. The phone supports a quad band network which has the ability to automatically switch between different bands & give the user with worldwide network coverage dependant on the network provider. User can find many online sellers with phone listings where user can compare and analyze to find out the cheap Nokia 8600 deal that suits user's needs. Any user who wishes to buy Nokia 8600 can easily afford to buy this high-class phone and enjoy various other benefits. User can compare different Nokia 8600 buy deals by searching the net.

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