Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 8800

Key Features
SVGA 0.5 Megapixel Camera
Digital Music Player
FM Radio
Bluetooth® Technology

The Nokia 8800 mobile phone has very stylish and latest design and shape with its eye catching silver chassis and balancing black and carbon gray enunciation. Its measuring size is 4.2 x 1.7 x 0.6 inches, and 4.8 ounces weight, due to its stainless steel body cover it is little bit weighty and slip form pocket but easy to adjust in jeans pocket. Nokia 8800 cellphone has 1.7 inch diagonal display screen, which presents 262,000 vibrant colors at 208 x 280 pixel resolutions and it also shows date/time, signal strength, battery power and caller ID.

Underneath the Nokia 8800 cell phone display screen there is gray silver slide cover, which contains navigational control keypad to access shortcut form outer side. When you will open the upper slide you will find the attractive keypad, which keeps the same attractive black and silver color scheme.

It contains directional keypad with an Ok button, which is situated in the center of the navigational keypad and two soft keys dedicated to Talk and End button. The traditional numerical keypad of cheap nokia 8800 cellphone is little bit better, and a large hand user can also operate it easily. There is a single power button on the top of the cellphone, as well as two release buttons on the right and left sides to access the battery and SIM card slot, but good luck prying the cover off.

The standard pack of Nokia 8800 mobile phone comes with helpful nokia 8800 accessories such as; nokia 8800 phone, headset, mobile charger, battery, mobile pouch, travel charger and user guide book, all of these nokia 8800 accessories are available at the time of buy nokia 8800.

Features Of Nokia 8800

The cheap nokia 8800 provides numerous useful handset features, its phone book can save numerous contacts numbers in available memory with extra entry information like; web address, mail address, postal address and notes as well as you are also able to assigns separate ring tone to a single caller ID form original nokia 8800 ringtones.

The several other Nokia 8800 details functions consist of text and multimedia messaging, instant messaging, email sending through SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4, calendar, to do list, calculator, stopwatch, count down timer, translator, as well as the Mobile Wallet 2.0 application, which allows you to save personal information such as; credit card numbers, receipts, and more and can be password protected.

Nokia 8800 review in case of Business purpose that it contains integrated Bluetooth, voice-memo support, speakerphone, and PC syncing with the Nokia PC Suite as well as there is also a WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser with support for EDGE speeds. Moreover, nokia 8800 cell phone has 0.5 mega pixel SVGA camera, which takes images in two resolutions 800x600 and 120x144 and provides three quality setting controls High, Normal, and Basic. It also offers self timer up to 10 seconds, as well as zoom and night mode options are also available, and images can be stored in 64 MB of internal memory, for sharing with other device via Bluetooth support.

Nokia 8800 details functions also include FM tuner, which activate after inserting wired headset and it can save up to 20 channels. You are also capable to customize your nokia 8800 mobile phone with a variety of nokia 8800 themes, wallpaper, screen saver and nokia 8800 ringtones. It also has built in nokia 8800 games, Chess, Street Race and Golf Tour, which present beautiful 3D graphics display and easy to play with it keypad buttons.

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