Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia N78 3G SmartPhone Review

Key Features
3.2 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus & 20 X Zoom
RealPlayer (MPEG4,H264, H263, RealVideo & Flash 3)
Email Attachments (SMTP, IMAP4 & POP3)
Music Player (MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ & WMA)
WLAN Wi-Fi with UPnP

The Nokia N78 is a 3G Smartphone which certainly has style & is available in a stylishly shiny casing. The handset is a solid candy bar design which is available with curved edges & a soft tactile finish. The casing is available in three color choices which permit the user to select the colored section on the back of the handset which include a stylish black color, brown & a white colour. The Nokia N78 mobile phone is available with a very trendy keypad which sets the keys in a bar type design which gives a compact & small bar style keypad design. A 2.4 Inch QVGA type screen gives an obvious viewing tool with a 240 pixels by 320 pixels screen resolution & displays 16 million colours. The size of the N78 is good which makes the phone easy to hold and use. The phone measures 15.1mm deep, 49mm wide & 113mm high. The Nokia N78 is member of the Nokia N chain which includes other famous handsets like the Nokia N70, Nokia N73, Nokia N76 & the Nokia N77. User can read Nokia N78 review by going online.

The Nokia N78 cell phone is available with 3G HSDPA technology which permits the user to enjoy quick connectivity, sharing & downloads on this technology focused Smartphone. The preloaded 3G technology lets the user to enjoy 3G video calls on the N78 by using the second camera which is located on the face of the Smartphone. The Bluetooth® technology supports A2DP connectivity & lets the user to have a wireless connection between any Bluetooth compatible devices. The phone supports EDGE technology which lets the user to enjoy speedy transfer rates which are about three times faster than GPRS transfers. The phone works with quad band technology handset which covers four GSM networks & WCDMA. The Nokia N78 is available with a Symbian operating system which has S60 third edition software installed. The user can download different Nokia N78 softwares from the internet. A preloaded assisted GPS system known as A-GPS supports Nokia maps which can give the user with directions. The phone is available with 70 megabytes of internal memory & the user can enlarge the memory further by inserting a MicroSD™ type memory card. User can find Nokia N78 themes, screensavers and wallpapers by searching different sites.

Different accessories are available in Nokia N78 sale packages if the user wants to purchase it. User can buy Nokia N78 accessories online by comparing prices from different websites. The user will find the imaging features on this stylish 3G Smartphone are user-friendly & the possibilities are never-ending. User resources for Nokia N78 games are available online. A 3.2 mega pixel digital camera feature is available with all the features, options & setting that a user could wish from their phones camera. This great performance camera is available with Carl Zeiss™ optics & a Tessar™ lens to make sure an obvious & focused shot is taken. The user can modify the photo settings which include a close up setting, landscape, user, night & night portrait option. The 3.2 megapixel camera is available with an auto focus feature, auto exposure, 20 x digital zoom & a LED type flash light feature. The user can store their pictures, share them through the messaging services or send them to the user blog. The user can enjoy video playback & video footage on the Nokia N78 cellphone. The user can record video using the 3.2 megapixel camera feature when switched to video mode which lets the user to record their experiences in moving video recording. The video recorder is available with an 8 x digital zoom which permits the user to get closer to their recording subject. A preinstalled video stabilizer feature prevents the user recording shaky & jumpy video recording on the Nokia N78. The user can play video using the RealPlayer which supports different formats like MPEG4, H264, H263, Real Video & Flash 3 video. Nokia N78 details are available on the internet if the user wishes to know about it in detail.

User can search different Nokia N78 applications by going online. An integrated Nokia browser with mini map is available with RSS feeds features & gives the user with access to the internet from their elegant 3G Smartphone. The Nokia N78 is available with a preloaded mobile email service which supports email attachments so the user will never feel distance from their work. The handset supports SMS text messages & MMS multimedia messages which permits the user to converse with others that have compatible messaging services on their mobile phones. The MMS service is a picture messaging service which lets the user to send & receive messages with either a picture or a video with text & sound. A preinstalled stereo FM radio lets the user to tune into their preferred station & the radio feature supports a VisualRadio™ feature. The user can view text information on the screen which is provided by the radio station. The user can enjoy downloading their favorite Nokia N78 ringtones. A built in music player supports will known music formats & permits the user to listen to their music, with easy to create playlist feature & colorful album art displays. The Nokia N78 is available with stereo sound speakers if the user wishes to hear their music out loud & the handset is available with a Nokia headset so the user can enjoy more personal listening experience if desired. Any user who wishes to buy Nokia N78 can easily afford to buy this high-class phone and enjoy various other benefits. User can compare different Nokia N78 buy deals by searching the net. User can find many online sellers with phone listings where user can compare and analyze to find out the cheap Nokia N78 deal that suits user's needs.

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