Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 6102 Latest Camera Mobile

featuers of nokia 6102 latest mobile

Nokia 6102 mobile phone is the candy bar mobile with some extra stylish appearance which looks good in your hands. The look of Nokia 6102 cellphone gives you the feeling of extravagant mobile Nokia 6102 mobile phone is flip mobile with the solid joint connection. The total size of the mobile is only 3.35 x 1.77 x 0.95 inches and the weight of the mobile is only 3.4 ounces which includes it in the heavy mobile phones. Over all construction of the mobile is solid and its external antenna gives it different shape.

The front face of the mobile is little bigger then the other forerunners and the external display of he mobile is 1.2 inches which shows the Nokia 6102 themes and on the display you can see the signal strength, caller ID where available, battery power and date/time. The exterior display of the mobile supports to the 4,096 colors and is best for the screen papers or wallpapers. Next from the external display of the mobile you can see the VGA camera lens you will not find the any flash in the mobile but the external display of the mobile act like the viewfinder which is best for self portrait.

The inside of the mobile is not much appealing but it attract some people attention due to the large display of 2 inches and it supports to the 65,536 colors and give simple result but the amazing collection of Nokia 6102 themes and Nokia 6102 games are best to view on the screen. The menu is available in two different styles and user friendly to provide all the comfort to the users of the mobile. The best thing in the menu is that you can modify the backlight, font size and font color according to your choice. Next from the screen you will see the keys of the mobile and all keys are bigger but sleek you may get confused on some occasions specially while typing long messages. On the top of the key pad you will see the five way toggle button through which you can use different functions of the mobile and two dedicated keys which also allow you some other functions to perform. In the middle of the toggle you will see the OK button which is common in almost all mobile. The OK button also opens the menu in the standby mode.

The key pad of the mobile is user friendly and you don’t need to get worry about the usage of the key board. All the keys of the mobile are on the exact place where they should be. Nokia 6102 mobile phone is solid build mobile and does not gives you any creaks at all.

Multimedia Features

All the latest and special multimedia features are incorporated in the mobile where you can listen your favorite Nokia 6102 ringtones and all the music which is also exist on the internet. The music system of the mobile supports to the MP3, AAC, AAC+ music formats.

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