Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 2610 Review

Key Features
65k Colour Screen (128 x 128 Pixels)
Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging
Voice Clip Ringtones
Dual Band (GSM 900 & GSM 1800)
380 Hours Standby

The Nokia 2610 cell phone is a strong & compact mobile phone which is very user friendly. The 2610 is available in an option of three colors including black, silver & dusty pink. The total size of this compact & curvy phone is 104 x 43 x 18 mm & the handset has a strong feel to it. The weight of 2610 phone is 92 grams including the battery. The Nokia cellphone provide user up to 5 hours talk time & 380 hours of standby time. The 2610 is similar to the Nokia 2310. Both are highly useable mobile phones with different features. Let’s get to know some Nokia 2610 details.

The clear 65k color screen gives the user with a high-quality viewing display having 128 x 128 pixel screen resolution. The phone is available with colorful wallpapers, fun screensavers & coloured themed displays which let the user to bring a personal feel to their new Nokia 2610. The Nokia 2610 themes put the user in the mood and make the season bright. The Nokia 2610 review is available on different sites

The Nokia 2610 is available with polyphonic ringtones & the user can use voice clips as ringtones as well. The Nokia 2610 ringtones are easily downloadable. The voice clips ring tone facility brings fun for the user with funny & lovely voice clips being played every time user receives an incoming call. The user can record their voice with the voice recorder feature which can easily be used. The phone is available with AMR audio format which gives a excellent sound quality. The user can enjoy a USSD & cell broadcast on their Nokia 2610 mobile phone.

The user can enjoy Nokia 2610 softwares. The user can sit back & relax to a speedy game of coin flipping on their mobile phone. The user can easily download new Nokia 2610 games enjoy playing them. The phone is available with a phone book which can have up to three hundred contacts at one time. The prefixed power organizer feature is capable of keeping the user one hundred percent planned and prepared at all times. The user can utilize the expense manager feature to keep their weekly or monthly budget. The 2610 is available with a converter, alarm clock & preinstalled calculator feature.

The user can take pleasure in having a chat without holding the handset with the use of the handsfree speaker feature. The conversation can happen over the prefixed speakers & by using the integrated microphone which gives the user with a handsfree call experience. The Nokia 2610 accessories include charger, connection cable and others

User can try different Nokia 2610 applications. The Nokia 2610 is available with fast & simple messaging having text messaging & multimedia messaging service. The text message can have text input & can be sent to any SMS compatible mobile phone. The multimedia message service can have text with sound & an image which can be sent to any MMS compatible mobile phone. The user can send Nokia xpress audio message to their friends & family which permits the user to express their feeling with the use of audio sound.

The Nokia 2610 is available with a dual band network & the phone can automatically switch between the two bands. The user can easily reach the WAP browser with the use of the easy access Internet key. The user can access information about weather, news & can check their email account with the help of the WAP browser. You can buy Nokia 2610 by going online. Best Nokia 2610 buy deals are available on the web. If you are concerned in getting cheap Nokia 2610, it will be good for you to spend a little time and make some online search. User can compare Nokia 2610 sale by searching different websites.

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