Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sony Ericsson P1i

Featuers Of Sony Ericsson P1i

Sony Ericsson P1i cell phone come out of the limitations of the boxy shape of the earlier P series mobile sets we move on to something more slim, graceful and very sexy. If you are asking me, this is the ideal shape and design for a PDA sets. It has a gorgeous aluminum jet black finish. It weighs a light just 124 grams.

On the outer side of the mobile set, it has a jog wheel and a return button at the left side of the mobile phone. On the right side of the mobile phone we have a shortcut key on it, the memory stick slot and the mobile camera button. On the front, there is a tinny VGA small camera for video calls, and on the back of the mobile set.
The touch screen of the mobile phone is the primary interface of Sony Ericsson P1i cell phone. The one on this unit is a just 2.6-inches Tran reflective unit with a high resolution of 240×320 displaying 262k colours. It is very beautiful to say the very slightest and is quite legible in bright sunlight as well.

While you can easily use your fingers on Sony Ericsson P1i mobile phone for the bigger icons, some are a tad too small and will necessitate dual handed operation by means of the stylus. Handwriting recognition is also fairly good and I so wish this Sony Ericsson P1i mobile phone could check my answer papers, it always seems to understand my garish handwriting. Stick to the stylus, that is my recommendation, you just cannot go wrong.

Sony Ericsson P1i cellphone also got a full QWERTY numeric board which is vaguely weird if you are new to the format. It’s got two letters on the same key into mobile set. To get, for example. Q, rock the key to the left and for W rocks the key to the right. A bit confusing at first, but simple once you get used to it. You will appreciate the fact that it saves some space and makes the cellular phone smaller, keys larger and hence easier to type. Very much unlike the P990i which required you to have fingers as small as those of a little baby to avoid touching screen of the other keys.

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