Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 1650 Review

Key Features
65k Colour CSTN Screen (128 x 160 Pixels)
8 Mbytes Memory
104.2 x 43.8 x 17.8 mm
SMS Storage (Up to 250 Messages)
FM Radio with One Touch Shortcut Radio Key
Preloaded Games

The Nokia 1650 cell phone is a smart & modern handset which is available with many user friendly & handy call features. The handset is compact & strong with measures of 17.8mm in depth, about 104.2mm in height & with a width of 43.8mm. The mobile phone weighs 80 grams with a battery which is a lightweight handset for the user to carry all the time. The phone available with a 65k colour screen which is a CSTN category screen that has a screen resolution of 128 x 160 pixels which is perfect for presenting colourful wallpapers & themes. The Nokia 1650 cellphone available with a simple to use interface & a good size keypad complete with shortcut keys. The one touch shortcut key permits the user to gain speedy access to features containing the messaging service, contact details, calendar, loud speaker & flashlight element. Let’s get to know some Nokia 1650 details.

The user can enjoy Nokia 1650 softwares. The flashlight feature is helpful when the user is in darker locations & wishes to put a spot light on something. The phone works similar to a portable touch for the user to use when they feel compulsory. The Nokia 1650 available with a power saving mode which lets the user to save power which allows the user to get more talk time. The time tracker facility is helpful when the user wishes to pre-set a span of time they want to talk for as the phone will cut off after the pre-set time has expired. The Nokia 1650 comes with a SMS messaging service which permits the user to share messages full with text input to every SMS compatible contact. The user can make, send, receive & delete messages from their messaging feature. The SMS messaging service available with a picture message feature that permits the user to share SMS pictures & graphics as a SMS message. The SMS inbox can have up to 250 messages. The 1650 comes with preinstalled games. The Nokia 1650 games are comprised of snake xenzia, beach rally & soccer league game which is a cool selection of games for the user to enjoy in their spare time.

The Nokia 1650 accessories include charger, connection cable and others. The battery can simply be recharged by the charger that includes within the Nokia 1650 mobile phone start up kit & the battery can work up to approximately 8 hours of talk time & up to 420 hours of standby. The Nokia 1650 comes with a connection port where the the phone charger is connected & a connection port to a headset. The 1650 available with 8 Mbytes of internal storage & has the ability to works on a dual band network. The user can access the FM radio feature easily by using the single touch shortcut key. The FM radio gives the user with non stop access to music, information & talk show stations when the user feels the need for entertainment or information. The Nokia 1650 themes put the user in the mood and make the season bright. The Nokia 1650 ringtones are easy to find over the net. The phone supports polyphonic & MP3 grade ringing tones. The user can create short voice recording which can be stored on the handset & used as a prompt or as a voice note for the user. The handsfree speaker phone facility is helpful when the user wishes to carry on working whilst on a call, as the call can be taken over the phones loud speakers which lets the user to enjoy a handsfree call experience. The phone comes with a large variety of language support which is supported all the way through the text menus & predictive text input. User can try different Nokia 1650 applications. The Nokia 1650 available with useful every day features which contains an alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, localized calendars & countdown timer. The Nokia 1650 review is available on different sites. User can buy Nokia 1650 by going online. Best Nokia 1650 buy deals are available on the web. If user is concerned in getting cheap Nokia 1650, it will be good for user to spend a little time and make some online search. User can compare Nokia 1650 sale by searching different websites.

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