Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 6030 Cell Phone

Features Of Nokia 6030

The Nokia 6030 cell phone enclosed with notable five hundred contact address book and each entry can store up to 5 numbers such as; Web address, email ID, street address and note. You can easily assign a picture for each entry for caller identity, but since there is no camera, you will have to use one of the default pictures and nokia 6030 themes as a substitution. You are also able to manage your contacts addresses by caller groups and allot a group with any of 7 polyphonic nokia 6030 ringtones, while you can also download more MIDI and MP3 nokia 6030 ringtones.

You can also modify the Nokia 6030 cellphone with a diversity of Nokia 6030 themes, screensavers, wallpaper, graphics, and alert tones. Nokia 6030 games support to Java platform and included with the phone are Club Pinball, Block Breaker, and Tetris. At the time of buy nokia 6030 you will be able to access useful nokia 6030 accessories like; mobile battery, mobile phone charger, Data transfer cable, a CD of nokia 6030 application and colorful casing.

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