Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 6111

Key Features
Megapixel Camera with Flash
Video Recording (Over 1 Hour)
Visual Radio
Bluetooth® Technology

Nokia is a world’s famous cell phone manufacturing company which manufactured a variety of splendid mobile under its experience. Nokia 6111 Cell phone is one of them with a large number of superb features and extremely sleek and highly design mobile phone which have sculpted metal keypad with a splendid slide opening casing which makes sophisticated look with black, silver and pink available colors. Nokia 6111 is similar to available Samsung D600, but Nokia 6111 is a slimmer and stylish looking cell phone as compare to the Samsung D600, Nokia 6111 has a 262k TFT color screen with 128 x 160 pixel and very light weight which is only 92 gram which measure in 84 x 47 x 23 mm.

Nokia 6111 Features

In Nokia 6111 a variety of features are available in which integrated megapixel camera with 6 x zoom is included with it user can take the perfect photo. Another feature is video recording and video play back which allow user to capture their memorable moments and save them onto the SD card and can play with a stylish media player. A removable SD card used in Nokia 6111 mobile phone which allow user to take photos and also provide facility to print them when they want. A beautiful bright and clear external screen with 65k colors is used to display who is calling without open the flip. A picture caller ID feature allows setting a picture to a particular contact at the time of saving contact and when that particular contact person call the user can see picture of that person on external screen. Another great airplane feature which allow user to listen the music, play games and can access their contact listing which they are on airplane in travels.

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