Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia E90 Communicator Review

Key Features
3G HSDPA Technology
Integrated GPS
Symbian OS Version 9.2 with S60 Platform 3.1 Edition
Dual 16 Million Colour Screens
3.2 Megapixel camera with Flash & Auto Focus
Email Attachment Editor & Viewer

The Nokia E90 mobile phone Communicator is a stylish handset which gives the user with a mobile office in their pouch. The phone is available with dual screens & dual keypads. The E90 is available with a 16 million colour screen & a numeric keypad located externally. The screens are active matrix style displays with high screen resolutions to give the user with the ideal viewing displays. The E90 3G Smartphone is available with a preloaded GPS which permits the user to find places of interest with ease son their mobile & supports a map application. Many other Nokia E90 applications can be downloaded as per user's need. The phone is available with a Symbian OS version 9.2 operating system complete with S60 platform3.1 edition. The user can enjoy a high class mobile productivity on their E90 which is available full with applications for browsing & editing documents. User can read Nokia E90 review by going online.

User can find Nokia E90 themes, screensavers and wallpapers by searching different sites. The Nokia E90 cell phone weights 210 grams & measure 132mm high, 57mm wide and 20mm deep, when in its closed & standing position. The E90 Communicator is the perfect companion for all business users who are usually on the move & need a high class communicating mobile handset with the newest technologies. The phone is available with 128 Mbytes of internal memory & the phones memory can be extended by using a MicroSD™ memory card. The handset is available with 512 Mbytes memory card & the user can add a memory card up to 2 Gbytes. The phones battery will gives the user with about 336 hours of standby time & 5 hours of GSM talk time. The Nokia E90 cellphone is available with a Nokia battery, travel charger, headset, connection cable, user manual, DVD Rom with Nokia PC suite application & 512 Mbytes MicroSD™ memory card. The user can use the Internet & share media files at great speed using HSDPA & 3G mobile broadband. The phone works with WLAN which is available with WLAN security. The user can link their Nokia E90 Communicator to other matching devices using a USB cable, mini USB, infra red or Bluetooth® technology. The phone is available with many user-friendly connectivity options which let the user to get a wireless or wired connection between matching devices. The E90 is available with a 2.5mm Nokia AV connector full with ECI. User resources for Nokia E90 games are available online.

Different accessories are available in Nokia E90 sale packages if the user wants to purchase it. User can buy Nokia E90 accessories online by comparing prices from different websites. The Nokia E90 is available with a preinstalled 3.2 megapixel camera full with preloaded flash light and an auto focus facility. The user can take, edit, share & store their pictures on their phones memory. The phone is available with a preinstalled media player which permits the user to play videos on their 3G Smartphone. The user can record, play, store & share their video with others. The user can enjoy a 3G video call with other 3G capable mobile phone users which let the user to enjoy a face to face conversation with their compatible contacts. The user can tune into their favourite FM radio station on the preloaded radio feature as well as enjoying MP3 & AAC music playback on the integrated music player. The user can enjoy downloading free Nokia E90 ringtones as suited. Nokia E90 details are available on the internet if the user wishes to know about it in detail.

The 3G Smartphone is available with a contacts phone book full with images which permits the user to enjoy caller identification full with an image. The included calendar is available with an attachment feature & an appointment or meeting feature. The E90 is available with Nokia Active Notepad & Nokia Office Tool 1.1 which permits the user to stay completely organised & use the their 3G Smartphone like a mobile office. The user can access the preloaded timer feature, converter, alarm clock & calculator from the phones main menu system. The E90 is available with a well-organized email service which works POP3, IMAP4 & SMTP email. The user can open, view & edit email attachments with the use of Quick Office, Zip Manager & Adobe Acrobat Reader. The phone works with push email which lets the user to enjoy a direct email service on their handset. The push email service supports email filtering & includes Nokia Intellisync wireless email. The user can send & receive text or multimedia messages on their E90 which permits the user to communicate with SMS or MMS compatible phone users. The phone is available with an instant messaging service which lets the user to have an online chat using text & icons, with any instant messaging compatible contact. User can download free Nokia E90 softwares from the web.

The Nokia E90 Communicator is available with short cut keys to voice features which let the user to get fast access to their voice features. The phone is available with a push to talk feature which works like a walkie talkie type call. The user can create voice commands for menu short cuts & keypad lock. The phone is available with a voice dialing facility with speaker independent name dialling. The user can make a call using the phones loud speakers with the help of which the user can listen to the caller with out holding the handset to their ear & enjoy a voice over IP Internet call on their E90. The E90 is available with quad band technology which supports GSM 850, 900, 1800 & 1900 which will automatically switch between the network bands. The phone is available with a XHTML Web browser which permits the user to access Web site information when the user is away from their home or office. Any user who wishes to buy Nokia E90 can easily afford to buy this high-class phone and enjoy various other benefits. User can compare different Nokia E90 buy deals by searching the net. User can find many online sellers with phone listings where user can compare and analyse to find out the cheap Nokia E90 deal that suits user's needs.

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