Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 6600 Fold 3G Phone Review

Key Features
3G Technology
Internal 2.13 Inch QVGA OLED 16 Million Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)
Opera Mini Browser & Nokia Mini Map Browser
Email (POP3, IMAP4 & SMTP)
Headset with FM Radio & Music Keys
2 Megapixel Camera with Double LED Flash & 8 x Digital Zoom
15 Mbytes Memory plus MicroSD™ Support up to 4 Gbytes

The Nokia 6600 Fold is a fine & stylish 3G clamshell mobile phone which is available with a highly glossed casing. The casing is available in two color choices which include a high gloss purple casing & a mysterious black glossy casing. The handset is soft to hold & fits in the user's single hand which makes it easy to control. The exterior design of the Nokia 6600 mobile phone is a smooth styled casing which is available with a hidden external screen which permits the user to view all their important information when the handset is closed. The outer screen can be activate by two gentle taps of the external casing & can display information on missed calls, incoming calls, messaging & the current time. The outer OLED screen is 1.36 Inches in size & is slyly hidden in the glossy exterior of the casing. When the user opens their phone they will find a stunning 2.13 Inch colour screen which has a high screen resolution & ability to display up to 16 million colors on the QVGA OLED screen. The Nokia 6600 cell phone is available with a well spaced out keypad which can be accessed and used when the phone is in its opened position & gives the user with any easy to use keypad full with call function keys. The Nokia 6600 cellphone is 44mm by width, 87.7mm by height, 15.9mm deep when in its closed position & it weighs one hundred and ten grams including the battery. User can read Nokia 6600 review by going online.

User can find Nokia 6600 themes, screensavers and wallpapers by searching different sites. The 6600 fold supports quad band technology which permits the user to enjoy World Wide roaming on this eye-catching mobile phone which is totally dependant on the network operator's service. The phone works on GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 & UMTS. The Nokia 6600 Fold is available with a prefixed battery which can be charged via the power adapter included in startup kit & with fully changed battery the user can enjoy up to three hundred hours of standby battery time or up to four hours of talk time. The preloaded 3G technology lets the user to enjoy a face to face video conversation with other compatible contacts. The user can in fact see who they are talking to on their phones color screen. The 3G technology also gives speedy connectivity & transfer rates as well as permitting the user to multitask features on their handset. User resources for Nokia 6600 games are available online. The user can use a Bluetooth® wireless connection or a USB cabled connection when connecting their phone to other matching devices like the PC, printer or PDA. The USB connection port is a micro USB connection port. The 6600 Fold works on EDGE technology which gives great speed data sharing for the user to enjoy when sharing files & data. This striking phone is available with 15 megabytes of internal memory plus the user can enjoy inserting an external card in the given slot up to 4 gigabytes of memory. The phone is available with a 512 megabyte memory card included in the start up kit. Different accessories are available in Nokia 6600 sale packages if the user wants to purchase it. User can buy Nokia 6600 accessories online by comparing prices from different websites.

Nokia 6600 details are available on the internet if the user wishes to know about the phone in detail. A preinstalled music player supports different music formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ & WMA. The 6600 Fold is available with a high class headset which is available with a FM radio facility & dedicated music keys which permits the user to enjoy music via the radio or music player when the user is on the move. The user can add & change their Nokia 6600 ringtones & alert tones to suit their mode which can be listen to polyphonic, MP3 & AAC. The 6600 Fold can playvideo ringtones. The user can use the preloaded microphone to record voice recordings & sounds. The user can switch a call to speaker phone to experience a handsfree call which permits the user to enjoy a call without holding the handset. A preinstalled camera feature is available full with video recording facility which lets the user to take either still photo or moving video on this striking fold design 3G phone. The 2 megapixel camera full with a dual LED flash and an 8 x digital zoom feature. The phone can be user as a portable digital camera which is available with picture & video storage features and easy to use camera features. The Nokia 6600 Fold works with Adobe flash lite version 3.0 and the user can also stream video in H264 or MPEG4 format. The 6600 Fold handset gives much enjoyment which is just waiting to be entertained. User can download Nokia 6600 softwares from the web.

The user can access the internet on their phone to get information, news, weather updates, online stores & even to get directions. The phone is available with a Nokia Mini Map browser which lets the user to view maps on their phone. The user can search and surf the Web to discover all they wish to know which is obviously displayed on the colour screen. User can search different Nokia 6600 applications by going online. The user doesn't have to make a call to stay in contact with their friends and family as the phone is available with easy to use messaging services which include audio messaging, voice messaging, multimedia messaging (MMS), text messaging (SMS) & an email service. The email service permits the user to send, receive & forward emails when they are away from their office or PC. The email service works with POP3, SMTP & IMAP4 emails services. The multimedia message service also known as MMS is a fun way to share video clips & photos with other MMS compatible contacts. User can find many online sellers with phone listings where user can compare and analyze to find out the cheap Nokia 6600 deal that suits user's needs. Any user who wishes to buy Nokia 6600 can easily afford to buy this high-class phone and enjoy various other benefits. User can compare different Nokia 6600 buy deals by searching the net.

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