Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 5000 Review

Key Features
Music Player (MP3, AAC, WAV, ARM & MIDI)
FM Radio
Bluetooth® Technology
2 Inch 65k Colour QVGA TFT Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)
1.3 Megapixel Camera
Audio Messaging
12 Mbytes Memory

This extremely good-looking mobile phone is available in a very striking casing which looks both fashionable & stylish. The Nokia 5000 mobile phone is a attractive looking handset which is available in a solid bar designed casing which comes in three colour choices which include cyber green, neon blue & perfect purple. The back panel, side elements & navigation controls is available in the user's selected colour choice & the rest sections of the handset are coloured in a sophisticated black or silver. This stylish mobile phone has a sporty look to its design which is available from the similar Nokia family as the Nokia 5200 which is a slide opening mobile phone. The Nokia 5000 weighs a total of seventy four grams with the fitted battery & the overall size of the casing is 11mm deep by 46mm wide by 106mm tall which makes this handset easy for carrying purposes. The Nokia 5000 cellphone is available with 12 megabytes of preloaded which can hold the users contacts details, pictures & messages. Let’s get to know some Nokia 5000 details.

The Nokia 5000 cell phone is available with a preinstalled camera feature which is a 1.3 mega pixel camera & the user can take a quick picture easily on this striking little phone. The screen is 2 Inches in size when measured diagonally & displays up to 65k colours on a QVGA screen. The user can take & view photos in landscape mode which provides the user a wider angle when taking a picture. The user can brighten up their pictures by adding a photo frame to their picture for an ideal finish. The Nokia 5000 is available with video recording & video playback features which lets the user to enjoy moving videos on this trendy little phone. The Nokia 5000 review is available on different sites.

The user can enjoy Nokia 5000 softwares. The Nokia 5000 themes put the user in the mood and make the season bright. The user has the facility to make a call via the phone's loud speaker which allows the user to experience a handsfree talk to friends & family while continuing to work. The users can put their Nokia 5000 on their table while chatting to their contact over the phone's loud speakers. The user can make a photo caller classification which permits the user to attach a picture to a contact in their phone book & then when that contact makes a call the user can watch the chosen picture on the colourful screen. The phone book can have up to one thousand contacts at any one time which is perfect for the user who needs all their contact numbers with them all the time. The Nokia 5000 is available with a preloaded organizer feature which is available full with a local calendar. The phone is available with an integrated advanced calculator & a converter feature which are helpful features to have on the mobile phone. The user can enjoy downloading Nokia 5000 games by searching. The 5000 supports dual band network phone which covers GSM 900 & 1800 which will has the ability to switch between bands automatically. The battery is fully rechargeable via the phone adapter & when fully charged can give the user up to three hundred and thirty six hours of standby battery time or up to 4.6 hours of talk time for the user to enjoy. The phone is available with Bluetooth® wireless technology which lets the user to connect their new mobile phone to other Bluetooth® compatible devices without using a wire between two devices within a range of ten meters. The Nokia 5000 accessories include charger, handsfree cable, USB connection cable and others.

User can try different Nokia 5000 applications. A preinstalled FM radio feature permits the user to enjoy a radio experience on their Nokia 5000 which is available complete with a radio recording choice. A preloaded music player lets the user to transfer their favourite MP3's which can be listened on this striking phone when the user is on their travels. The music player supports different formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, ARM & MIDI which are famous music formats. The user can download Nokia 5000 ringtones by searching. The user can play polyphonic, AAC & MP3 ringing tones on the Nokia 5000. A preinstalled Web browser is accessible from the phones main menu which is a WAP Web browser which gives the user with a fun & easily accessible mobile Internet service. The user can communicate with other contacts using the preloaded messaging services which include audio messaging, email, instant messaging, MMS & SMS. The user can create, send, edit, delete & receive messaging on the Nokia 5000. The Nokia 5000 can take place into any mobile phone user's life & add a little bit more fun in their mobile experience. User can buy Nokia 5000 by going online. Best Nokia 5000 buy deals are available on the web. If the user is concerned in getting cheap Nokia 5000, it will be good for the user to spend a little time and make some online search. User can compare Nokia 5000 sale by searching different websites.

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