Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 9300 Cell Phone

Features Of Nokia 9300

The Nokia 9300 mobile phone gives a strong battery of mobile phone and data features that should satisfy cell phone professionals. Nokia 9300 cellphone has splendid phone book in which you can also store too many contacts with additional information such as; an email address, street address, web address as well as company information and you can also save further 250 contact on the SIM card. You can also allot idiosyncratic nokia 9300 ringtones to a separate caller identity as well as caller photo along it contact number.

But there is not built in camera available in cheap nokia 9300 and you have to add photo in your cellphone through other ways. Moreover, you can also obtain USB 2.0 connectivity, Bluetooth support, an infrared port, integrated speakerphone and five-way conference calling. But nokia 9300 details do not include vibrate mode, Wi-Fi and curiously. By using the nokia 9300 you can send emails through SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, SyncML, and BlackBerry Connect e-mail accounts because this cellphone operates on Symbian OS 7.

You can obtain full contact information from both the internal and external displays, though you will have to use the QWERTY keyboard to send e-mail or text messages as well as nokia 9300 cellphone also provides multimedia and instant messaging service. This cell phone comes with internal 80 megabytes memory and you can also add an extra two GB memory through the MMC port. Nokia 9300 review for the open Microsoft Office files is that you can also open document, presentation, spreadsheet and editor in this cell phone. On the other hand you can also open PDF files through its Adobe Acrobat reader; moreover further additional tools contain file manager, calculator, alarm clock, and voice recorder.

For the leisure activities, the Nokia 9300 mobile phone has a built in MP3 music player and Real Player for running video files and clips. The nokia 9300 also provides GPRS and EDGE networks facilities for getting access Internet. Cheap nokia 9300 comes with standard kit, in which you will find amazing nokia 9300 accessories such as; nokia 9300 cellphone, charger, battery, user guide, USB data cable as well as hand free and you can receive these nokia 9300 accessories at the time of buy nokia 9300

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