Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 2680 Slide Review

Key Features
Bluetooth® Technology
Dual Band (GSM 900 & GSM 1800)
VGA Camera
Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging
FM Radio with Radio Recording
32 Mbytes Flash Memory & 4 Mbytes SD RAM Memory

The Nokia 2680 cell phone is a good-looking slide opening mobile phone which is available in a curved & wonderfully shaped black and grey casing. The phone is practical with a great looking & available with easy to use daily features. The 2680 phone is from the similar variety as the Nokia 2630 with a bar designed casing. The 2680 Slide is solid because of its slide opening mechanism with 99mm long by, with 47mm width and 15.5mm deep. The phone weighs 94.5 grams with the prefixed battery. The user can use the keypad when the casing is in its slide open position & the keypad is well spaced out with black or grey coloured keys which make it visible for the user clearly. A TFT screen can be viewed when the phone is in its slide open or slide closed position. The screen displays up to 65k colours with a screen resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. The user can enjoy Nokia 2680 themes and makes the season bright. The user can modify their phone's themes, wallpapers & screensavers which are colourful & animated displays on the TFT screen. Let’s get to know some Nokia 2680 details.

The 2680 Slide can play MP3 & AAC ring tones which the user can listen every time the phone rings. The user can download Nokia 2680 ringtones from the internet. The user can enjoy more sound on this easy to use mobile phone as it is available with a hi-fi FM radio which is available with a radio recording feature. The user can listen to their favourite radio station & enjoy a mobile radio feature on their phone. The Nokia 2680 cellphone is available with a set of Nokia headphones which lets the user to enjoy a personal hearing experience. The Nokia 2680 Slide has a preinstalled VGA camera facility which can take still snaps as well as record movies. The VGA camera is available with easy to access camera controls & features which permits the user to take a speedy picture or record a video clip easily. The phone lets the user to add picture frames around their pictures which provide the pictures an ideal finish & personal look. The Nokia 2680 review is available on different sites. The user can download free Nokia 2680 games by searching different websites.

The Nokia 2680 mobile phone has a preloaded time & date feature which permits the user to check & view the date & time all through their day. The Nokia 2680 Slide is available with a phone book feature. The user can stone up to 1000 contacts details with contact numbers in the phonebook. The user can organize their dairy on the integrated organizer complete with a local calendar function. The phone is available with an alarm clock feature which allows the user to set an alarm to get them up each morning or use the stop watch while sporting events & lap times for the sports oriented mobile phones user. The Nokia 2680 accessories include charger, USB connection cable and others. The user can have up to 419 hours of standby time with totally charged battery which is perfect for the low usage user on the move as the user will not require to continuously recharging the battery.

The user can enjoy Nokia 2680 softwares. A preinstalled WAP Internet browser can be found in the main menu of the phones and the user can enjoy using the Internet from their mobile phone. The Nokia 2680 Slide is available with Nokia xpress audio messaging service which permits the user to transfer audio & sound in a message to other audio messaging contacts. The user can join in an instant messaging call with other compatible contacts that are online at the same time and enjoy an online conversation on their new phone. User can try different Nokia 2680 applications. The user can create, send & receive either short text message (SMS) or multimedia picture messages (MMS) by their handset. The phone is available with 32 megabytes of flash memory & 4 megabytes SD RAM memory. The phone is available with a prefixed Bluetooth® technology through which the user can connect their 2680 Slide to other devices using. The phone provides user the facility to connect to the user's computer, laptop or printer using a wireless Bluetooth® technology. The phone supports a dual band network which covers GSM 900 & GSM 1800 networks. User can buy Nokia 2680 by going online. Best Nokia 2680 buy deals are available on the web. If the user is concerned in getting cheap Nokia 2680, it will be good for the user to spend a little time and make some online search. User can compare Nokia 2680 sale by searching different websites.

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