Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 3109 Classic Review

Key Features
1.8 Inch TFT 262k Colour Screen (128 x 160 Pixels)
Media Player
Tri Band (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
32 Mbytes Flash Memory & 16 Mbytes RAM plus MicroSD™ Memory Card Option
Bluetooth® Technology
EDGE Technology

The 3109 Classic is a good looking phone which permits the user to communicate easily with others. The phone is smart, compact & available with all the necessary features a mobile phone user could wish. The Nokia 3109 Classic is a look like a simple candy bar which is available with easy to use & consistent phone features. The phone weighs 89 grams with fitted battery which lets the user to take their new phone all the time without feeling weighed down. The handset is compact which only measures 108.5mm by 45.7mm by 15.6mm which feels good to hold & operate in a single hand. The phone screen is clear & bright with 1.8 Inch colour display with 128 x 160 pixels of screen resolution. The screen is perfect for displaying the user's animated and colourful wallpapers & video clips. Let’s get to know some Nokia 3109 details.

The Nokia 3109 mobile phone is available with a big keypad full with soft keys. The user can set these soft keys for ease of use & speedy access to the user's favourite features. The user can manage the volume using the well located side volume keys. The Nokia 3109 cell phone is a member of the Classic variety designed by Nokia which include other mobile sets like Nokia 6120 Classic & the Nokia 6500 Classic.

The core feature of the Nokia 3109 cellphone is the preinstalled media player which permits the user to enjoy video & music playback on their mobile phone according the mood. The media player supports MP3, MIDI, AAC, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+, WMA music formats & MP4, H263, H264 video formats. The user can see moving videos which has been shared or downloaded from other sources onto their 3109 Classic. The user can have stream video in 3GP format. The phone supports Flash Lite 2.0 for viewing Adobe Flash™ animations & video on the phone. The user can download all their favourite Nokia 3109 ringtones & other music files which can be enjoyed on their new mobile phone. The phone supports a selection of ring tones including MP3, MIDI, true tones & polyphonic ring tones. The Nokia 3109 review is available on different sites

The user can use the internet using the preinstalled XHTML Web browser to get information & services on the move. The Web access lets the user free to access Web sites whenever the user needs to get information right away. The Nokia 3109 themes put the user in the mood and make the season bright. The mobile email service feature allows the user to send & receive emails from their Nokia 3109 Classic. The email service supports email attachments which lets the user to transfer files using their email service. The 3109 Classic is available with a multimedia messaging service (MMS) which allows the user to send & receive images & video clips as a message. The user can use the audio messaging service to send & receive audio messages. The 3109 Classic is available with an instant messaging service which lets the user to enjoy an online conversation with other compatible instant messaging users. The instant messaging service is precisely want the name suggests an instant messaging service which lets the user to communicate with other who are online at the same time. With the SMS service feature the user can communicate with all mobile phone users using text & symbols as input. The user can enjoy downloading free Nokia 3109 games from the internet.

the user can enjoy downloading different Nokia 3109 games by searching. The phone is available with a handsfree speaker phone facility which lets the user to mke a call with the help of phone's loud speakers which means that user can leave their handset on rest on their table while enjoying a call over the speaker system. The handsfree call feature is a good way of conversation when the user is busy. The user can try different Nokia 3109 applications. The Nokia 3109 Classic have the push to talk feature which is look alike a walkie talkie call feature which lets the user to talk to others while holding down the push to talk key, but on releasing the key the user can hear their contact talking back. The Nokia 3109 accessories include a charger, USB cable, handset and others. The phone is available with a user guide, a nosier battery & a charger. The phone is available with an offline mode. In offline mode the phone switches off all the transmitted features and actions are switches off while the user can access a selection of features. The user can stay them self organized with a preloaded organizer complete with a calendar. The user can have all their contacts details & numbers stored in the phone book facility which can be accessed from the main menu. The phone is available with a to do list features & a notes section which is perfect for little reminders. The user can keep track of time easily as the 3109 Classic is available with a clock feature in addition to an alarm clock & a countdown timer.

The Nokia 3109 Classic is available with 32 Mbytes of Flash memory & with 16 Mbytes of RAM. The user can enlarge the phones memory by adding another memory card. The mini USB cable, infra red connection or Bluetooth® wireless is used to connect the phone with other devices. The Bluetooth® connection permits the user to get a connection with other Bluetooth® compatible devices which are in the range of ten meters of Nokia 3109 Classic. The phone works over EDGE technology which gives the user with high speed data sharing which are three times quicker than GPRS. The user can have up to 4 hours talk time & about 400 hours of standby time with fully charged battery which is perfect for the user. The phone supports GSM 900, 1800 & 1900 which is a tri band technology mobile phone & lets the user to enjoy coverage in different countries like Europe & the US major states. If the user is concerned in getting cheap Nokia 3109, it will be good for the user to spend a little time and make some online search. User can buy Nokia 3109 by going online. Best Nokia 3109 buy deals are available on the web. User can compare Nokia 3109 sale by searching different websites.

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