Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 6500 Classic 3G Phone Review

Key Features
3G Video Call
1 Gbyte Memory
Bluetooth® Technology
109.8 x 45 x 9.5 mm
2 Inch QVGA LCD 16.7 Million Colour Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)
2 Megapixel Camera with Flash
Music Player (MP3, AAC & eAAC+)

The Nokia 6500 Classic is a slim phone which is available in a soft and elegant casing. The phone will be accepted for its looks as well as its features. The phone is available in a black colored casing which has a classy brushed aluminum finish. The handset measures only 9.5mm deep which makes the Nokia 6500 Classic a great slim 3G mobile phone. The handset weights only 94 grams which very light for a 3G capable phone. The user can view all their colorful video recordings & pictures on the high colour 16.7 million color & high resolution 2 Inch screen. The screen is scratch resistant which avoids the user being worried about unessential scratches on their screen. The tactile keypad is user-friendly & has soft keys which are improved for ease of use. The Nokia 6500 cell phone is available with a user guide, micro USB cable for data sharing, battery, charger & a stereo headset. The battery will give the user with about 3.5 hours of talk time or 216 hours of standby battery time. User can read Nokia 6500 review by going online.

User can find Nokia 6500 themes, screensavers and wallpapers by searching different sites. The preloaded 3G technology gives the user with a high speed broadband connection together with speedy data sharing, multitasking features and video streaming. The Bluetooth® connectivity permits the user to use a wireless connection between their new 3G phone and any Bluetooth® compatible PC, laptop, mobile phone, PDA, printer or headset. The Bluetooth® connection can be added between any Bluetooth® devices which are in the range of ten meters. The user can link to other devices using a micro USB connection & the Nokia 6500 mobile phone is available with a micro USB cable to get the user started. The Nokia 6500 Classic is available with 1 Gbytes of preloaded memory which is perfect for storing all those treasured pictures, videos, music & messages. The user can enjoy using internet as the phone works over quad band technology which supports GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 & WCDMA. User resources for Nokia 6500 games are available online from where the user can enjoy downloading different games as suited. Different accessories are available in Nokia 6500 sale packages if the user wants to purchase it. User can buy Nokia 6500 accessories online by comparing prices from different websites.

The 6500 Classic is available with a 2 megapixel camera facility which is located on the back of the handset & lets the user to take either still photos or active video recording on their phone. The camera is available with a flash light which permits the use to take images in darker & duller surroundings. The camera is available with camera modes & settings to make sure the user takes the image the way they want to take it. The snaps and video recording can be either stored on the phones memory for a viewing later on or can be shared with other devices using the phones connectivity options or simply sent to other through the messaging services or connectivity options. The user will enjoy having all the fun imaging features on their trendy Nokia 6500 cellphone. The user can record, playback & stream video on their Nokia 6500. The phone works with 3GPP & H263 video streaming formats. The user can enjoy full with fun music experience on their phone which is available in the form of a preinstalled music player which works with all famous music formats. The user can download Nokia 6500 ringtones and songs & enjoy an excellence music experience when the mood takes them. The user can share music with their PC, laptop or music player or download more music from Internet music stores. Nokia 6500 details are available on the internet if the user wishes to know about the phone in detail.

User can download free Nokia 6500 softwares from the web. The user can access the Web from their handset which is available with a WML WAP 2.0 browser which is a XHTML Web browser. The user can use their email service to stay in touch with the office & clients plus family & friends. The email service can have attachments which is perfect for the user on the go. User can search different Nokia 6500 applications by going online. The user can send & receive audio messages on their phone. The MMS message service permits the user to create a message full with text & sound with either a snap or video footage. The MMS message can be sent to any MMS compatible mobile phone user. The text message service which is known as SMS messaging lets the user to create a message having text & symbols to any compatible contact. The user can send & receive SMS messages which have long text input which is helpful for all those detailed preparations & information. The phone is available with voice features which include a voice recording facility & voice commands. The user can make a call using phones speaker system which is known as a handsfree speaker phone feature which permits the user to enjoy a call out loud without holding the handset to their ear all through the call. The Nokia 6500 Classic is more than just a wonderfully elegant slim phone it is a powerful 3G phone which is available with fun & easy to use features. Any user who wishes to buy Nokia 6500 can easily afford to buy this high-class phone and enjoy various other benefits. User can compare different Nokia 6500 buy deals by searching the net. User can find many online sellers with phone listings where user can compare and analyze to find out the cheap Nokia 6500 deal that suits user's needs.

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