Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 6280

Key Features
2 Megapixel Camera with 8 x Digital Zoom
Second VGA Camera
Stereo FM Radio & Visual Radio
3G Technology
Bluetooth® Technology
6 Mbytes Internal Memory Plus 64 Mbytes MiniSD Card

Good Points

Nokia 6280 review, I suggest you it is the best cell phone. Before this cell phone, I had the N70 of nokia, and turning from that cell phone to the nokia 6280 cell phone was really a good choice. The best features of this cell phone are very easy to work out. I think the most recent phones today are used for media, and nokia 6280 cellphone is ideal for that. It is very easy, very speedy at loading, and since I have a 512mega bite memory card via using I have hundred video songs over there, you may think the music player of the cell phone would be a little bit slower, but it is actually very rapid, and the cell phone does not take much time to load up large sized pictures, video and songs nokia 6280 themes are brilliant, very attractive. The camera quality of the nokia 6280 mobile phone is 2 mega-pixels and has an extensive range of settings, for example selecting the image quality, image size, effects, self timer and flash and auto focus. You can also select how long you wish for the video, and the settings for the camera of cell phone also apply to the videos.

Nokia 6280 games providing full of fun and you enjoy these games a lot. There are much more buttons around the casing of the cell phone making it very easy to get to multi media like the camera, video gallery and sound control and settings. The movement of the cell phone moving upwards and downwards feels very easy, strong and safe. Nokia 6280 ringtones is the best feature of its model and providing you real and digital sound effects. Best thing is that it’s not very costly and seems like cheap nokia 6280 who’s providing all facilities. Buy nokia 6280 and enjoy its warrantee its tools its facilities and much more. Now Nokia 6280 buy and get nokia 6280 accessories which held hands free, memory card, extra casing, and software cd and data cable.

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